Before Sharif can run for MLA, NDP members living in Edmonton-Decore must vote Sharif in as their candidate.

Voting Information

June 24, 4pm — 7pm

June 25, 10am — 4pm

Rosslyn Inn and Suites 13620 97 Street NW, Edmonton T5E 4E2

Who is Sharif Haji?

Public Healthcare Leader

Sharif has over a decade of leadership experience in policy development, project and financial management, and organizational leadership across both public and non-profit sectors. He has a master's degree in public health, and has helped lead efforts improving access to primary health care in Alberta.

Affordable Housing Champion

Sharif managed the implementation of Alberta's affordable housing strategy in 2017. He was motivated to give back to his new community and apply his lived experience to help improve the housing system as he previously lived in social housing upon first arriving in Canada. He is a believer in social services, including housing, that work for Alberta's diverse population.

Inclusive Community Advocate

Sharif is committed to community-building through volunteerism and non-profit work. He currently serves as Executive Director of the Africa Centre, which has its headquarters in Edmonton-Decore. He has a proven track record of using a collaborative approach to connect with communities, serve their needs, and speak out on issues that matter to them.

“Our province deserves a caring government that puts all Albertans first—not only this generation, but also the next generation. A government that is committed to our publicly funded health care system. A government that protects our economy and environment at the same time. A government that fights for Albertans, but is also capable of collaborating with other orders government. I believe my experience can serve the people of Edmonton-Decore as their NDP candidate in next year’s provincial election.”

Sharif Haji